Find an investment

Our mission
: providing an expert assessment of the investment project and developing a roadmap for each entrepreneur or inventor who wants to receive investments.

Brief description of the service. Inventors and entrepreneurs (project initiators) are often not very well versed in finance. And therefore they cannot convincingly tell about the opportunities and prospects of their project to potential investors. We help to overcome this barrier of mutual understanding. We have experience in the implementation of investment projects, we know many funds, private investors, are well aware of what projects they finance, what criteria these projects must meet

Our basic principle. We select those projects only for which we can find investments. We have established working contacts with many investment funds, private investors, financial companies and banks. We know many options for obtaining investments, which will be described in detail in your Roadmap.

Our business process

Step 1

Step 2

We analyze information about your project. Then we inform you whether your project is interesting to us. You will receive a bill for a paid online consultation within 30 minutes. After our online conversation, a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) will be signed.

Step 3

We send you a draft contract. After signing the contract and advance payment, we begin work on the roadmap of your investment project.
Development of the roadmap may require from two weeks to three months. You start driving along the roadmap, develop necessary documents,  contact with people and organizations that we have indicated, hold presentations and negotiations.

The roadmap will contain the names of financial organizations, contact information of decision makers. Also, detailed descriptions of documents to be developed at each stage will be attached.

Step 4

If you are not able to prepare the necessary documents by the required deadline, we will recommend our experts. These are proven experts who can quickly, efficiently, efficiently and inexpensively develop convincing documents for investors about your project. It is also possible to agree with our experts on their participation in the conduct of negotiations and presentations.
In the process of driving on the road map, we can see with you that it needs additions and changes. This is a normal process. Editing the roadmap is included in the cost of our services and does not require additional costs.


Stage 5

When you’ll have received the investment, we will sign with you final documents (acts). If you’ll decide that you need our support of the project, we will sign the following contract.


Odinzov Vladimir

Leading methodologist of our team. More than 30 years of experience in managing large enterprises, attracting investments in large international projects (industrial parks, free economic zones)

Solovyova Angelica

General Director of Regional Business Systems LLC. Evaluation and calculation of investment projects. Project management.


Oleynik Vladimir

Thirty-year experience in managing the development of large projects (in particular, the group of companies “Maksimus”, Kiev and LLC IC “Kepital-City”, Dnepr). Extensive experience in attracting funding (investments) from European investment funds in the creation of agro-industrial parks in the CIS countries. The implementation of complex engineering projects on a turn-key basis


Petriv Bogdan

A participant  of the gas pipeline “Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod” construction. He studied and worked in Sweden. Entrepreneur, consulting partner of consulting companies in EU countries.


Lashkovsky Anaytoly

Expert in the field of project investment.
Preliminary design, development of a feasibility study, assessment of the likelihood of obtaining investment.
Binding of the project and its coordination with local authorities. Analysis of estimates for construction work. Analysis of the business plan in terms of financial credibility. Risk analysis.


Yarulis Vladimir

He graduated from the State Academy of Management at the President of Ukraine, the faculty of “project and program management”. Project manager.

Search for interested partners, negotiation, consulting.


Alexander Shokhov

Strategy consultant. Economic Modeling Specialist. He participated in the implementation of large infrastructure and investment projects in Kazakhstan. Experience in implementing effective management systems in holdings and large companies. Development of business plans. Experience in conducting complex presentations and negotiations.

1. For how many projects have you already found investments?

Projects that have received investment through our participation are estimated in dozens. We are bound by non-disclosure obligations on both sides. You have to understand: money loves silence. When you’ll get the investment, you will don’t want to become famous also.

2. What is the price of your services?

When we talk about investments, the words “expensive” and “cheap” lose their meaning. Other words make sense: “how quickly investments will return”, “what profit the project promises”, “what are the risks”, “how to manage risks”. Our services make up a small proportion of the amount invested. Our experience shows that when a person invests these small funds in our services at the beginning of a project, he protects himself from many risks and losses in the process of project implementation.

3. How long is the roadmap being developed?

Depending on the complexity of the investment project, it’s development can require from two weeks to three months. The complexity of the project is not related to what exactly you are going to do in your future business, but to how your project will fit into the expectations and demands of potential investors.

4. What guarantees do you give?

Our experience allows us to determine whether we can find investments for your project directly during our negotiations. Therefore you won’t lose a dollar by getting our “No”. However situation can changes, and we can call you in six months and ask if your business idea is still relevant.

5. How long can a search for investment take?

Predicting is not easy. It depends on how clear your project is to investors, how easy it is to evaluate the prospects of your business idea. In our experience, all steps may require about one year. But there are exceptions to the rules, and an investor may appear, for example, after a month of our work.

If you have any questions, please write to us. If necessary, you can attach a file with additional information.